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Gesa + LPL Financial

At Gesa Credit Union, we're committed to helping our members reach their financial goals. That's why we've partnered with LPL Financial, a full-service broker-dealer and registered investment advisor.

The Value of Advisory Services

Gesa Investment Services offers fee-based advice and portfolios that are flexible and adaptable enough to respond to a changing marketplace and global economic environment. Within the advisory platform our clients can take advantage of many benefits including:

Advisory Services
  • Access to institutional money management: LPL Advisors are professional money managers with extensive investment knowledge.
  • Fee Transparency: Fees are built into mutual funds, making it hard to see the cost breakdown for services. However, in advisory accounts, fees are clear and competitive.
  • Speed and Ongoing Account Monitoring: LPL Advisors can react quickly to changing financial factors that could potentially impact account performance.
  • Elimination of Reoccurring Trading Costs: Trading costs are covered by a one-time fee regardless of how much activity happens in the account.
  • Personal Service: Instead of spending time constructing portfolios, placing trades, and filling out paperwork, LPL Advisors can prioritize time with clients, providing advice and support through good times and bad.

The LPL team at Gesa Credit Union can provide customized financial and retirement planning, investment programs and advice. Additionally, we have team members who can provide insurance products including life insurance, annuities, and long-term care.

If you would like more information regarding the services offered by Gesa Investment Services, please complete the form below or call our main number at 509.378.3380. We look forward to being your life long financial partner!

Meet Our Advisors

Karee Eliason

LPL Wealth Advisor

Jason Clapp

LPL Wealth Advisor

Larry Wilson

Registered Admin Associate

Matt Minter

LPL Wealth Advisor

Eileen Griffin

Director of Wealth Management

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