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The New Managed Platform

With access to cutting-edge technology combined with convenience and transparency of a 24/7 solutions, the Guided Wealth Portfolio model is now available through LPL Financial.

Guided Wealth Portfolio offers investment management designed to help you pursue your financial objectives with access to a dynamic dashboard that can help you monitor your own progress towards financial goals.

Guided Wealth Portfolios are available to investors age 62 and younger with at least $5,000 to invest.

  • Open an account with a lower account minimum than traditionally available.
  • Ability to make easy one-time and monthly contributions without having to walk into a branch or talk to an Advisor.
  • A portfolio that is monitored daily as markets move and rebalanced as needed.
  • The convenience of an online tool.
  • When you need an Advisor, one is available.

Open an account with as little as $5,000 and add as much, or as little, as you want over time.

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